To add a new card control,

1) Go to Company Settings
2) Click  'Add card control'
3) Enter the name of the card control you want to create.
4) Enter the 'Start date' and 'End date' of the card control time period.
5) Please select the grades that you want the card control to include. (All/Multiple grades can be selected at the same time.)
6) Under categories, select all the applicable categories for the new card control from the drop-down menu.
7) Under Amount-type, select whether you want to set per expense, daily or monthly amount limits.
8) Enter the maximum amount of expense that can be incurred.
9) Click Save to confirm.

For example, A grade 1 employee has a client meeting in Mumbai from Jan 10 to Jan 12 (2 nights/3 days). Per day 'hotel and accommodation - INR 1800' allowance as per your company policy.

1) Go to Company settings
2) Click Add card control
3) Enter 'Rs 1800 for Hotel and accommodation' as the name of the card control.
4) Enter Start date '10/01/2019' and End date '12/01/2019)
5) Select applicable grade/s: Grade 1
6) Select the applicable categories/s: Accommodation
7) Set Amount type as per expense and set a maximum amount of INR 3600. (2 nights)
8) Click save to confirm.